There are several reasons why an individual would enter one of the savings programs with life insurance included. Some of the motives may be:

  • the desire to provide a much better standard of living than that currently enjoyed by pension beneficiaries,
  • family people are mostly responsible for the rest of the family and this component is important to them, so they choose a program that (apart from money) focuses on risk coverage in that part,
  • someone has a surplus of money and is not interested in any insurance but money, ie. return on investment,
  • someone wants to save children for starting their first business or starting their studies…

So, the motives are not the same for everyone. You need to choose one of the programs that suits your needs and desires.

For someone who is healthy and money and life insurance are important to him, there is a great program, which provides a quality life in the third age.

In addition to savings, may include protection against inflation, additional insurance against injuries, surgical interventions…

In addition to all that, life insurance was obtained.

In case of an unfavorable outcome for the one who saves, the heirs receive a significant amount of money. So, this program is not only important for the saver, but also for his successors (in case something bad happens to the saver).

If your priority is a return on investment, then this is the program for you.

He has a higher sum insured than other programs.

This program provides a stake + profit, in case of an unfavorable outcome for the one who saves. So, even in that case, the money invested remains with the heirs.

Also, if someone has a diagnosis, they can enter this program without asking about their health condition and the like.

At the end of the savings period, the client is waiting for money increased by the amount of accrued profit.

Do you have surplus money and want to invest it for a period of, say, 10 or 20 years, on which there is no income tax (in case you are an individual)?

Don’t want health questions and want the opportunity to withdraw money before the end of the savings period?

This is the program for you.

This program focuses on saving for retirement days, plus insurance against 20 serious diseases of today, such as cancer, vision loss, liver transplantation and others.

Under this program, your child also receives insurance against 12 serious illnesses between 3-18 years of age.

If someone from the list of serious diseases occurs, the program is interrupted. The money is then paid for medical treatment.

For more details about the program, contact your financial advisor.

Here the focus is on smart investment in the child’s future.

Do you have children and want to provide them with some money in the future for the purpose of schooling, for starting your first business or buying your first car?

This is the right program for it.

To choose what suits you, I suggest contacting a financial advisor for more details.